The development of consciousness is the burden, the suffering, and the blessing of mankind.
-C. G. Jung

Jungian analysis is a form of therapy developed by Carl Gustav Jung- one of the original clinicians working in modern psychology. Analysis is conceived of as being a deep conversation between two people in service of the client or patient.  The primary purpose of analysis is the development of the uniqueness of the individual in order to discover the boundless reservoirs of help available within. Its aim is to assist the individual in finding their specific and unique path to their own healing.

Jungian psychology, with its own distinctive perspective, is less a school of specific answers and remedies, but instead emphasizes a fundamental viewpoint that self-knowledge can lead us toward self-integration.  By knowing deeply who we are, we become better able to find healing, ground and purpose in our lives. Jungian approaches to treatment  provide a non-pathologizing model of the human psyche. My long years of training and work as a psychologist has  steeped me in the developmental theories of human behavior.  Our histories are formative of many aspects of our being- and can contribute to places we become stuck, create inflexible defenses that keep us from love and loving, or reinforce destructive behaviors that distort our capacity for genuine deep living. Yet, understanding our  personal history alone is often insufficient toward the discovery of a meaningful life. Our innate drive to be "whole" is as essential as our past is in our healing.

With nearly four decades in private practice, I work with individuals toward strengthening their capacity to build healthy relationships and developing a more supple integrated sense of self at the deepest levels.  In the process of our work together, we may explore patterns of behavior and/or negative self-perceptions that are holding you back from a life of personal balance, vitality and inner peace.  Although not  required, I welcome the use of dreams, images, and active imagination as aids to finding a greater opening to the Self beyond the conventional perspectives of the conscious ego.

If you are looking for  help with a challenging situation or you are ready to move forward toward a new and healthier direction in your life- I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.
-C. G. Jung

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